Condo Management

Gray Management Services takes pride in specializing in Condominium Property Management. Over time we have accumulated experience, expertise, and training and are confident in our approach and management methods. Condo Corporation’s present a unique problem as their executive boards are made up of volunteers who have day jobs, families, and priorities that leave them with minimal time to dedicate to the operation, and management of their community. Many directors feel overwhelmed and inadequate when faced with day to day operations within their development. Your Condominium Corporation may currently be managed, the question is whether it’s Properly Managed.

Gray Management Services:

• Collection of Condo Fee’s

• Placement and Release of Liens

• Communication with Ownership/Board

• Posting of Notices

• Assisting the Board with further policy, bylaw, and rules & regulation development

• Secure web posting of Financials, Meeting Minutes, AGM packages, Insurance, etc.

• Neutral Party when dealing with developers via ownership

• Dealing with Noise Complaints

• Dealing with Tenants/Landlords

• Collection of Mail

• Monitor the Corporate email account

• Regulating Garbage Disposal

• Regulating Pets

• Regulating Common Element

• Regulating Parking Lots

• Assistance with AGM planning

• Assistance with Board meetings

• By-law Enforcement

• Issuing By-law Infractions

• Project Management

• Contractor Coordination

• Vehicle Towing Coordination

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