Provided Services

As a widely diverse company, we offer a wide range of services. Here’s a little bit about each one.

Janitorial Services

We provide cleaning services on both residential and commercial levels. Do you want to avoid the hassle of cleaning come move-out time? Do you need a reliable janitorial service for your local business? GMS has you covered! From one-time deals to daily contracts, our well-kept, uniformed staffs are professional, efficient, and ready to get the job done right!

Snow Removal

Are you tired of spending hours shoveling in the cold, just to have it snow an hour later? Our reliable team will guarantee that your snow removal needs are met, whether you need snow blowers, bobcats, or plain old shovels to do the trick, we have you covered! Is it a one-time shot while you are on vacation or do you need your driveway and sidewalks cleared every time it snows? Whatever your needs, GMS can make a plan that works for you!

Groundskeeping and Landscaping

Here at GMS, we work with preferred vendors to provide a range of services based on your landscaping needs. We have the knowledge and skills to make and keep your garden, lawn or shrubs looking their best! Are you sick of fighting with your lawn mower? Are you too busy to maintain the upkeep needed for your garden retreat? Let us do the dirty work for you! We specialize in lawn care, garden maintenance, winter preparation, chemical application, Landscaping Construction, Graffiti Removal, and Litter Pick-Up.