“Building Better Communities”

About Us

Gray Management Services (GMS) is a Northern Based property management company operating in Whitehorse Yukon. Our goal is to build and maintain quality living spaces for condominium owners, landlords, and tenants.


Founded in 2009, GMS has grown into a team of expert property managers with a wide portfolio of condominium developments, single family housing rentals, apartment units and commercial properties. With a strong community focus, GMS strives to create pleasant and healthy environments within the properties and developments we manage. Building Better Communities is our number one goal. Communities, including condominium developments, apartment buildings, and neighborhoods all have a unique and multicultural populace residing inside them. Each property has a different set of challenges and opportunities that can be assessed, developed and capitalized.

Our property managers are trained through the Real Estate Institute of Canada as Certified Property Managers (CPM). They have the knowledge and expertise to analyze a property’s physical and fiscal performance, and make recommendations to implement maintenance schedules and revenue models. They also understand how current legislation effects everything from tenancy agreements, landlord obligations, and condominium bylaws.

GMS creates a custom plan with each of our clients:


Every condo development has a unique set of needs and challenges. Working with the Board of Directors GMS utilizes its knowledge and experience in the industry to create:

  • Regular Maintenance Schedules
  • Rules & Regulation Enforcement
  • Common Element Replacement Planning
  • Assistance With Reserve Fund Planning
  • Bylaw & Legislation Interpretation and Compliance
  • Effective Condo Fee Collection and Financial Reporting


Rental properties come in all shapes in sizes. While some require more maintenance than others, GMS can put together a comprehensive plan for any Landlord, including:

  • Assess market conditions and the strengths and weaknesses of the property to put together an effective rental advertisement.
  • Selecting the ideal tenant- reviewing the conditions and restrictions a Landlord wants on the property.
  • Assist in creating a manual for each property so that tenants and management are familiar with heat systems, plumbing, appliances and any maintenance issues